There were over 300 love letters in that box, all beautiful hand-written notes from her prince charming. In the beginning, they had developed a friendship but she wasn’t looking for romance. He continued writing her letters, one by one and she slowly began to open up her heart to him. It was a cold October […]

Last weekend, we had some very special guests stay with us at our house! We met Shane & Coley in 2012 when we went to Israel to play basketball with Athletes in Action. They were the sweetest couple and Pat & I loved getting to know them. They had just gotten married the year before […]

  On this day, one year ago, a sweet baby girl named Paisley Grace was born. One of my husband’s very best friends, Joey became a father and asked Pat to be the godfather. So even though we don’t do newborn photography (I’ve always felt like weddings is just my thing – maybe that will change […]

A few photos of our living room! The moment Pat & I bought our first home together, I started looking up more home design ideas. I found myself always gravitating towards the clean, fresh “all white” theme. Pat was against this idea, seeing that we had a big black dog! haha, I get it. But […]

Well, I figured it was about time to start up my blog. Ask any other photographer out there and they will tell you that it’s something every professional photographer should have…so, why have I waited so long? I didn’t want my blog to be a place where I JUST showcased my photography work. I wanted […]

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